Hi Masters and Mistresses of Dolcett Girls

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Posted by slavegirlmeat ( on May 01, 2003 at 17:11:54:

Hi Masters and Mistresses of Dolcett Girls,

It feels weird in a way to be a member of this group and before you all, but it is also the place I belong. Ever since I was a little girl, as far back as I can recall, I had fantasies of first being sacrificed upon an alter like in the movies, then advancing to living the life of a cow, from purchase or birth to
slaughter and butchering, even being cooked. And I also fantasized about being hunted. When I was little some boys hunted me down with their toy guns in games not that different from when they play Army, and then as we got older they came up with the idea of catching me using nets, carrying me away to be killed, they would even bind me and sometimes string me up by my feet from a tree limb or whatever. Many times I would be stripped and the winning team or person would
keep my panty, actually considering for years on end as a trophy. It was somewhat embarrassing, yet somehow gave me a wild feeling inside, when one of them would bring one of the panties they had taken from me and show it around in school. And then there were the women I hung out with starting in my early teens, women that were
mistresses. One of them came up with the idea using paint ball guns and hunting me with those.

My fantasies of living a cow's life turn me on greatly. I just can't help thinking about what it would be like to be a cow, to be auctioned off to someone or a group, to be taken away to a farm or
ranch and penned, maybe fattened and enderized, then one day taken to market, maybe a slaughterhouse or put to death by the farmer/rancher. Just writing this makes me hot, feeling wild. And of course there are many variations on the cow scene that go through
my mind. That is why I love stories and pics on such things, especially the posers and art like that of Dolcett. I can feel being that girl, that cow, that female animal in the picture(s).

Speaking of feeling the part, I saw the movie "Planet Of The Apes," the new one the other night, the 2001 version. So many scenes in
that made me unbelievably hot. That little girl being taken out of the cage and given to the very young female ape as a pet the little girl's head bowed submissively, the slaver giving the young female ape a collar to put on the girl's neck. Then the scene where the young female ape put the little girl in a cage for the night so that she can get some sleep, most likely having been exhausted by an extended period of rough play with her pet, the little girl kneeling in the cage, wearing the beautiful pink dress, tears flowing down her
face as the young female ape locks her in and then goes off to bed. Oh how much I wanted to be that little girl at that moment, in that situation. I imagined, and still do, how rough and harsh she must have been treated, and what it would be like when it came time to dispose of the pet, possibly vivo-section or butchering for its meat.

And then in "Planet Of The Apes" came the scene where they branded the young woman. The apes taking poles with a pincer-like device on the end of them (wished I knew what those things were called) and snagging the various young females, pulling them out of their cage, sometimes forcing them into awkward positions, and then branding
them. Oh, how at that moment I wished I were one of them, one of the young women being branded.

I love being in sweaters, fishnet, and chain maille. You'll notice this as I've decided to contribute to PerroLoco stories I write. And I am going to caption and write to many Dolcett toons.

As for me, I am seriously submissive. I would love to exchange communications with any of you who wish to pursue me in fantasy as your cow or sow, no limits. PerroLoco might even post a picture of me to help. I will respond to any and all, the wilder and harsher the better.

Also, for fun I am doing a picture/toon captioning effort in which I send pics and others write and send to me. If they give permission, I will eventually build a story to the better of the ones you do. For this you must be an adult and it is done by email.

stephanie (slavegirlmeat, deathslut)

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